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Welcome to the Home of the Coolidge Colts Go Colts!


Vision Statement


The vision of this website is to bring together our Colt Family Members for the purpose to share history, information, knowledge, and maintain community pride.  There is even a stronger need to maintain continuity and reference during these difficult days that we currently face.  We now have the means to establish a link that everyone can use for the benefit of Love, Education, Togetherness, and Spiritual Growth.


Mission Statement


Calvin Coolidge High School in Washington DC recognizes that each student is an individual; that all students are creative; that all students need to succeed.  Therefore, Calvin Coolidge High School respects the individual needs of students; fosters a caring and creative environment; and emphasizes the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual development of each student.

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The Coolidge Decades

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1950 to 1959 

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Colt Factoids


Did you know that the first Coolidge Colt to play professional football in the NFL was a member of the class of "65", Freddie Moore who was quarterback with the 1965 Colts.  Freddie played football at the University of Washington. Thereafter, he played defensive back with the "Oakland Raiders." (Freddie is the first of three Colts to play with the Raiders).

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Did you know that in 1963, the Coolidge Band played on the bill with Ella Fitzgerald at the premiere of the Film, "Topkapi" for the "Stay in School Benefit" sponsored by the "The Baker's Dozen" a social club of African American Women in D.C. as a benefit to purchase winter clothing for D.C. kids. The premiere was at the "Uptown Theater."

Did you know that in In 1964, the Coolidge Band performed at the world wide premiere of the film, the "Longest Day."  The band was lead and conducted by the writer of the theme song of the film, and recording artist Paul Anka.  The Coolidge Band was the first band to publicly play the "Theme to the Longest Day."    All rights reserved.

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